Paper: Staples Reinforced College Ruled Filler Paper

Today I found a new fountain pen-friendly paper!

The Staples Reinforced College Ruled Filler Paper (16183W) is delightful. See my writing sample below!

Writing sample – front
Writing sample – back, very minimal ghosting
The front of the package
Proof of purchase. I paid for it myself. It was more expensive in-store than online for some reason…

While I still prefer blank paper (Tomoe River 52gsm ❤️), this filler paper from Staples is a great choice — at a somewhat economical price point — especially for its FP-friendliness.

Note that Staples sources paper from various countries. Each product tells you where it’s made — mainly India, Egypt, Brazil, Vietnam as I looked through other choices at the local store. This particular item is made in Vietnam.

If you give it a try, share your thoughts with me!

[I paid for this item with my own fund.]