Here Is The Why

There is often more than one grail pen in a pen lover’s life. 

There is, even moreso, more than one story about how the people got into the world of pens, fell in love with it, and oftentimes, stay on. 

Grail Pens was created to share about pens, pen people, and pen stories. 

If you have stories you’d like to share about your pen enthusiasm and journey, write to us. Whenever possible, we would love to publish the stories submitted by our readers. There are no monetary rewards that we are currently able to offer, though ideally we would’ve loved to. What we aim to provide here is a safe, supportive, fun space where a community can share about all things pens, paper, inks, other stationery items, and most importantly stories of our lives. 

Thank you for visiting, and for being a part of this exciting venture with us.

Grail Pens
March 2019

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