Paper: Staples filler paper showdown — Reinforced v. Regular

Today I’m comparing two seemingly similar but actually different paper options, both fountain pen-friendly:

  1. Staples TRURED College-Ruled Filler Paper 8.5in x 11in (TR27521)
  2. Staples TRURED College-Ruled Reinforced Filler Paper 8.5in x 11in (TR16183). This was also previously reviewed here.

As I mentioned before, Staples’ paper is made from all over the world – Brazil, Egypt, India, Vietnam… The ones I’ve liked the most are made in Vietnam, including the two reviewed here.

Bonus Section:

If you’re a fan of composition notebooks like me, Staples is actually having a terrific deal on these wide-ruled comp books – 75 cents ($0.75) each!

Before you go and pick some up, one tip from me: check the paper type. They are not all the same! On the shelf, under the same label, these composition notebooks actually come in two forms: square spine and round spine. (There must be more technically accurate terms for these, just look at the photo and you’ll see what I mean.) The square-spined ones are made in Egypt, the round-spined in Vietnam. The paper type seems to correspond to what I see across other Staples products. So I made sure to pick up only the ones made in Vietnam because the paper look and feel to be more similar to the filler paper reviewed above.

That might or might not make a difference to you. In either case, 75 cents per comp book is a good deal around here. I’ve heard of deals where people can get notebooks for 10 cents or maybe even lower. Deals might vary per different stores, so check with your local branch.

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